Course Review

This class was an awesome one. The only problem for me is ME. Six classes are too much for anyone. If anyone reads this and you’re in college, from the heart of a youngin’ like yourself, don’t do it; I beg of you. It was hell for me this quarter. Right now, I loathe all of my colleagues who boast about their last final. I still have more work to do and all are big projects. The stress is real. I was a fool to take 6 4 hour courses, but I needed to handle business and knock stuff out.

Overall i really enjoyed the course. The reading was a joy and it wasn’t a bore like most of my other classes. Next quarter though, I will definitely maintain a good memory of tasks. I didn’t do so well with it all this quarter. Life continued to throw punches at me when I’m already down for the count. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

Day At the Museum

The museum was a unique, but intriguing visit. There were a lot more Native culture exhibits  than normal. I still feel to this day these people deserve more honor than what they are given so it was nice to see them honored as such at the venue. The ambiance was very serene and welcoming. Outside of the Native exhibits, I really loved the paintings and Ned Sidhu’s sculptures. They were both spiritually pleasing and mesmerizing. It was an awesome place to visit, I just won’t walk that hill of death to get there again. I will take a cab for sure next time.

Kindred Review

Being my first novel to have read from Octavia Butler’s catalogue, this book is awesome. Its about a young lady named Dana and her Husband Kevin, who are pulled back through time to save someone. Throughout her purposeful journey, she endure all the hardships of being a woman and of African descent in 1976-80s America while her husband endures keeping his “soul” as her partner who happens to be Caucasian. That alone adds more depth and a twist to how things unravel within them.These times were certainly rough and so were the people. There are many ethical, spiritual and values of self being pressed in this very novel. It makes you appreciate where you come from and your ancestors more. I agree with Butler, none of us have the strength to endure the hard times of our ancestors. I highly recommend this story to any and everyone.

Past or Future

To be honest, I wouldn’t know what to prepare myself for. I’m not very fond of being mistreated and I’m pretty outspoken of wrongs that are being done to me or others. Sure enough, I probably wouldn’t last a day. I adapt well; it’s a trait I’ve learned of my past experiences. The only problem is is that I don’t like backing down once i get riled up. So zapping to the future or past, I will probably get myself killed.

Ending, *Tsk, Who Readin’ A Book?

Kindred unfolds in a sense of flashbacks. Kind of like how the TV series Lost was structured, only not so much. Reading the novel felt more like a cinematic narrative, if that makes any sense. The style correlates with the theme of time travel. It is kind of like blinks of memories and whatnot. The use of the Prologue instead of Chapter 1 was the best choice. It snatches you by the collar and yank you into the story because from the moment you read it, you’re thinking to yourself “Whoaa, WHAT?? How? Why?”. Butler crafted this tale excellently.

Gender and Color Lines

Color lines and gender have been openly portrayed throughout Kindred. It holds nothing back from start to finish. Dana is harmed and abused due to her skin and gender throughout her journey. Even her marriage was frowned upon. She was married to a Caucasian fellow. Butler communicates these travesties upon humanity through the maltreatment of Dana, her main protagonist of the story.

Octavia Butler, My Relflection

All I can say Is “WOW!”. Not literally speaking, but that is my initial expression. Reading up on her biography, my initial idea of Kindred and the writer is completely changed. At first, I though she was from a much later time frame, the author. The book itself is pretty intriguing but now knowing the author mostly wrote science fiction novels makes me want to read more of her work. Spiritualism and Sci-Fi/Fantasy are my home genres. Not many Sci-fi authors try to mix other elements into their stories with untold truths. This is what makes her writing unique, I think.

Fairy Tales

With fairy tales being one of the oldest forms of communicating, it certainly bear all of the elements of a narrative. The stories, unlike many, transcend time. These tales have been twisted and turned due to their adaptability.

Fairy tales express its narrative in a way to explain cause and effect or a warning of such. Disney make these stories light in a sense for kids, but let’s be honest. These stories are a lot darker than what’s being let on. The atmosphere of fairy tales is gloomy with a forecast of rainbows and sunshine after the storm is over. Example, the Fair Witch is so narcissistic to point where she grows jealous of a child looking better than her. From he way her character is portrayed you get the feeling of something bad is soon to happen.

The point of view is usually in third person with direct characterization. It gives the vibe of an old wives’ tale or the recall of wise elder. Conflicts are usually external as well. If one reflect on all of the fairy tales told to date, you’ll see the subliminal message. The one hidden warning of many that are secretly communicated through the narrative.

The plot and setting are placed within a society that seem very close to our modern one. There are a few differences here and there, but the people act them same. The plot is the cause and effect placement of the story. Aesop Fables, Snow White, Cinderella, etc all have this kind of plot.

Cult Classic

Cult classic film is a title any director would love to create but grow to hate. Just look an George Lucas and how he felt about Star Wars. He stated himself  he regret creating Star Wars. It says a lot about the film and its fan-base, I think.

These films become cult classics once it develops a cult following. The fan-base is filled with passionate people whom are in love with film. As soon the new cult classic hits big a franchise is soon to follow. Everything from games to toys, to comics, to novela and mini-series will be branched from the original film’s universe. The fan-base will continue to grow, making it a bigger hit than before, unless the universe is perverted with some random entry. When that happens the cult-classic loses its flame a little or it dies. Star Wars, as stated above is a huge example due to its popularity. The conflict of good versus evil is prominent. The theme and plot, the message,  is a bit deep if you think about it. It can relate to our modern timed politics to a “T”. Call me reaching or over thinking it, but just about everything in our society can be related to Star Wars with some left field analogy, but I digress. Lucas changed one thing in the original film for the re-release of which consisted of Solo not shooting first, and people lost their minds.

Cult classic films are awesome, but I can see how the passion of fans can strangle its creator with rage if something is changed. I would love to go back and change parts of the story that’s already published if it may improve the tale. I enjoy my creative freedom.

Mental Space and Cognitive Semantics

The mental space is every artist’s special place. All of our ideas and creativity come from this ominous dimension. It is quite curious as to how imagery feeds into our imagination and how it feeds into our imagery. Cyberspace is absolute “no space”. It’s just the jostling of ideas and ideals from many intellects. Many of those ideas and ideals were stemmed from our intellect and imagination. I don’t feel the two worlds are at odds all. In fact, they have an okay relationship. Comfortably existing is a bit much. different minds have different views and imaginations. Some can work together but not all. That’s only because no one has tried, but that is a whole other topic.